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About us

 Leon Farm is a family farm with a great experience in agriculture and farming. The farm cultivate mainly wheat and rapeseed. In 2010 we have started snails breeding farm because of their huge potential and application both in the food and cosmetics. Our farm streches acros 120 hectares and is located in the Pomeranian province belonging to some of the most valuable and attractive natural regions in Poland. The rich and natural resources we owe to the existence of two national parks and more than one hundred of nature reserves.

We specialize in breading Helix Aspersa Muller. In 2013 our production reached 20 tons. Our goal is to annually increase the production and develop new products from snails in food and cosmetics industry. Our snails are bred in a special environment, which consists of rich vegetation and specially selected feed . In addition to our care , snails of our farms are under strict veterinary supervision. Please check our shop page for the latest offers.